Missing Friends

The Search for Missing Friends

The Boston Pilot

In search of our Moylough Missing Friends: advertisements in the Boston Pilot Newspapers,

By Patricia Connolly, Martina Kelly & Mary Mullin, Moylough Heritage Society

The Boston Pilot newspaper played a significant role in connecting Irish immigrants in the United States with various opportunities and services, particularly those in the Boston area. Dating back to the mid-19th century, the newspaper regularly featured advertisements that catered to the Irish community and helped them navigate life in their new country.

What the advertisements covered

These advertisements covered a wide range of topics, including employment opportunities, accommodation, legal services, transportation, and social events. Many local businesses and organizations specifically targeted the Irish immigrant population with their ads, recognizing the need to address their unique needs and challenges.

Employment advertisements

Employment advertisements were of particular importance, providing working-class Irish immigrants with job opportunities suited to their skills and backgrounds. The Boston Pilot served as a bridge between employers and the Irish workforce, helping immigrants find employment in various sectors such as domestic work, construction, factory labour, and trade positions.

Housing advertisements

In addition to employment, housing ads were essential in assisting Irish immigrants in their search for affordable and suitable living arrangements. Landlords often advertised vacant rooms, apartments, or boarding houses where Irish immigrants could find a place to live and establish themselves in the city.

Advertisement of services for immigrants

Moreover, the newspaper’s advertisements also promoted services related to legal matters, immigration assistance, and social support. Lawyers, immigration agents, religious organizations, and cultural societies frequently placed ads offering their services and support to the Irish community.

By providing these targeted advertisements, the Boston Pilot newspaper played a crucial role in connecting Irish immigrants with vital resources and opportunities, ultimately helping them integrate into American society. The ads in the newspaper not only served as a practical guide but also fostered a sense of community among Irish immigrants in Boston.

The Boston Pilot and Moylough Immigrants advertisements

In the course of our research of the Boston Pilot advertisements we uncovered 21 advertisements relating to people from Moylough where they were seeking information on relatives who emigrated to America and various other parts of the world.

The following is a list of the advertisements that we have found to date. As you will see this investigation unearths a most interesting chapter in the emigration story from the Moylough area. Advertisements posted in The Boston Pilot reveal not only emigration to USA but also to Australia.

If anyone reading this can contribute in any way to the story of the Moylough diaspora please contact us at moyloughresourcecentre@gmail.com

We will be uploading two advertisements each week and hopefully will be able to add to our list of 21 advertisements. As you can see from the advertisements Moylough was spelt in different ways.

10th December 1887

Of Mary Walsh, of the parish of Mylough, County of Galway, Ireland who immigrated about 30 years ago to Queensland, Australia. Any information of her will be gratefully received by her brother, John Walsh, 31 North Fulton Street, Baltimore, Md.

19th November 1864

Of Ellen and Anne Mitchel, sisters native of Annaughmore, parish of Milough, County Galway, who came to this country in November, 1848. Their brother, John Mitchel, received a letter from them from New York at one time but has heard nothing of them since. Any information concerning their whereabouts will be thankfully received by directing to John Mitchel, Cohoes, Albany County, New York.


29th May 1858

Of Martin Coogan, aged 35 years, native of Shankelle, parish of Kilkerran, Near Moylough (Co. Galway), who landed in New Orleans in the winter of 1850 or 1851: when last heard from, in March, 1854 was in Washington, Tazewell County, Illinois. Please address his sister, Mrs Bridget Tansey, New Orleans Louisiana.

11th February 1865

Of Thomas Mannion, Annaghmore, parish of Moylough, County Galway who came to this country in the spring of 1851, and worked on the B&ORR and ’53 was in Cumberland, Maryland; left that summer, and is supposed to have gone to Boston, Mass. Any information concerning him dead or alive will be thankfully received by John Mannion, B & ORR Machine shop, Wheeling, Western Virginia.

October 1846

Of John Scanlon, native of Parish Moylough, Co. Galway, who emigrated to this country in October, 1846 and landed in Philadelphia, Pa. When last heard from he was in Madison, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Any information respecting him will be thankfully received by his brother, Patrick Scanlon, care of John Dolan, Roxbury, Ms.

4th April 1891

OF John Potter, native of Moylough, County Galway, who left Ireland over thirty years ago. When last heard of, was in the neighbourhood of Melbourne, Australia. He will hear of something to his advantage by applying to Bernard Potter, in care of Mrs Jennings, Strawberry Hill Dunmore, County Galway, Ireland.

23rd June 1888

Of Timothy Costello, from County Galway, Clumbomylock post office. His Sister Bridget has been looking for him for years. Any information of him will be thankfully received by his sister, who has not heard of him since he left England over 20 years ago. Address Bridget Costello, care of James Murphy, Customs Broker, Richmond Station, P.Q.

(ad.repeats 10/6/88 and changes: born in Klomboo, near Milcok Post Office, County Galway, Ireland. When last heard from he was in California” and “Bridget Costello, care of Mr, Thos. Leavitt, 131 Dorchester Avenue, South Boston”).


23rd July 1881

Anne Jane Robison, reared with Kate Robison, wishes to find Elenor McLoughlin, who left Burnfoot, Springfield, near Londonderry, Ireland for New York about the year 1866. Please address Anne J Robison, care of William J. Digby, Esq, Moat Lodge, Moylough Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland.



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